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Yammer Group of the Week

All Governors Group
This week's Yammer group of the week is a new private group created for school governors. This is a private online group for all people that are governors at a DRET academy for the governor services team to share materials, but also for Q&A etc. 
If you'd like to join please find the group in the "Discover More Groups" area of Yammer, or alternatively click here

Introducing Swivl

One of the tools we're setting up for every Star Classroom is a "Swivl." These devices (which somehow always remind me of R2D2 from Star Wars) make grabbing video in lessons - for whatever purpose - so simple.

If any academies would like additional training over and above that provided through Star Classroom there are two help videos on the channel, and we'd be happy to set up a short workshop for you. how to upload videos to a channel

Sorry, only logged in users on van view this video

This short training video explains how channels work on and how to upload a video to a channel from a web browser (such as on a PC, Mac or Chromebook).

The process is nearly identical from an iPad (we aren't using the iOS app in this example) but there is an extra option that lets you record directly from the iPad camera to the system - useful if something is happening that you want to be able to share really quickly after the event.

Yammer group of the week

Hot off the press! A new group has just been made and it's going to be a good one, we're sure of it!

If your work is STEM-related, this will be well worth a join. A place to discuss and share all things STEM!
Don't forget, if you are unsure how to join groups on Yammer, or want to set a group yourself but don't know how, you can watch the training videos on DRET TV

Star Classroom has lift off!

Charles Read Academy has had the first Star Classroom installed; very exciting times we are sure you'll agree!
Charles Read will be one of our training bases - with more to follow asap... Check out the video of installation!
Dates for installations and Basecamp training will be published soon - watch this space!

Sharing Solved: Salamander

One of the recurring problems with many of the web-based tools for collaboration is having to manage a long list of email addresses every time you want to share something - for example with a class. Managing groups of people by hand is difficult - as people come and go these groups can get out of date very quickly.

Salamander is the system we've deployed to solve that problem. Every evening it checks SIMS and makes up to date groups for year groups, forms and timetabled classes and gives each an email address.  So far we have it set up at Malcolm Arnold, Lodge Park, Skegness Grammar, Havelock, King Edward VI and Charles Read academies - with all others to follow in the next few weeks.

This video from the training channel explains more.

Yammer Group of the Week

Online safety is an area that we are all responsible for - regardless of job title or job description. In schools a major element of safeguarding involves students being safe online and acting responsibly.

We should all try to stay up to date with current best practice: this week's 'Group of The Week' is DRET Online Safety, a Yammer Group set up for all things related to Online Safety. There are resources, discussions. presentations and more. A great place to stay up to date, find resources, ask questions or have a discussion. Recent posts have included recognising phishing, social media use, 'Prevent' strategy and more.

This is a public group so anyone can join, and all are welcome  - see you there!

New to Yammer? See our training videos here for help with set up and joining groups.