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Whatever did we do without it?

Simple, quick, effective.

How many times are those 3 words used in this blog? (answer = a lot!). Effective use of technology is the name of the game, to enhance teaching and learning, make workflow easier and help keep us organised.

We recently saw a superb example of simple, quick and effective use of technology at Charnwood College. During the lesson, the teacher had helped a struggling student make a useful science revision guide. At the end of the lesson, all students wanted a copy as it was a great resource! The Reprographics Department was closed and it wasn't possible to make quick photocopies. Step forward Google Classroom. The teacher simply took a photo of the resource on their Star Classroom iPad (or could have scanned it using something like Scannable), and shared it with the rest of the class on Google Classroom.

Instantly, the class had paperless access to the revision resource, and it took less than a minute. They could then access it at home, on the bus, at the coffee shop etc, via wifi or mobile data, or download it for offline use.

We've said it before and we'll say it again - simple, quick, effective.

Credit J Smith, Charnwood College

For information on how to set up Google Classroom, see our training video here (DRET log in required), or get in touch.


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