Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Choose your own adventure stories with Google Forms

The birds are singing and the wind is blowing gently through the trees. You reach a clearing in the forest and are surprised to see a dilapidated looking stone house, with the front door hanging slightly off it’s hinges. Inquisitively, you peer through the crack in the front door. Something deep inside you is telling you to push the door open and go inside. What do you do?

In this latest video from our Spring collection of training videos, we explore the use of Google Forms to make 'choose your own adventure' stories. Remember those stories you used to read as a kid - the ones where you turn to the page number based on the decision you make within the story? You know the ones I mean: which path to take, fight or flight, turn back or carry on, talk to the new character or ignore them and so on - and then the story unfolds depending on which decision you make along the way. Well, step forward Google Forms for making digital choose your own adventure stories! Speaking from personal experience in the classroom, this makes for an excellent set of lessons or extra curricular activities which engage the imaginations and creativity of students of all ages, integrating and embedding digital skills alongside literacy skills along the way. Using the feature of Google Forms to jump to a section of the form based on the answer to the previous question, you can plot a route through a story based on the decisions the reader makes.

What further adds to the engagement, is that at the end of the writing process students can share the stories with each other or post them to Google Classroom, ShowMyHomework etc for others to read and choose their own paths through each other's stories. Can they make it to the end of the story in one piece, will they find their way out of the forest, will the hero save the day in time... The decision is yours!

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For more videos see our Spring Collection at A much wider selection of videos is online for DRET staff on the DRET.TV training channel, or for more information please contact the eLearning team, or comment on this post below (comments are moderated before publication)

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