Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Star Table?

Star Classroom started life as a project to develop a better wall-mounted teacher device to standardise on for our academies (the "Star" is our Trust logo). Since then the importance of the professional development network which shares the same name has overtaken it somewhat, but still if I talk in an academy about Star Classroom people think of the physical.

We didn't develop it overnight... the design was iterated many times and involved several people - always with the goal of making a single unit that would cost as little as possible and have a potential working life of over ten years.

The joy of working with clever people of course is they see something and take it in new directions. Sol Johnson, the headteacher at Newnham Primary School was probably the first user of the Star Classroom as a mobile unit - on a wheeled stand. We use it in a quite a few places now. When he looked into the cost of a "smart table," knowing what the Star Classroom set up can do and its cost, it just took a short trip to the AV catalogue to produce something that is essentially the same as what we use on a wall, but now configured as an easel - almost flat, ideal for children to work with, that can be set vertical and stored away.

What applications does he have in mind? Many - and we'll share them as the weeks go by.

We just need to come up with a name for this thing before someone else asks for one.

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