Saturday, 20 May 2017

Trello Week

Readers might be excused for thinking we're over-fixated on Microsoft & Google products on the project. The truth is that when we started we made a conscious decision to focus on a few tools we believed offered the most immediate return on effort, and to avoid introducing 101 others. Refining our list down took some serious discussion, but we got there. You'll find little discussion of OneDrive not because it is no good, but because we decided to prioritise Google Drive for now. Similarly Sway, Google Classroom, Office Mix, OneNote and a few others have had most of our attention.

Trello was one of the tools that didn't make the initial list... not because of any bias, just to keep things simple. But it offers so much - especially on a large touchscreen at the front of a class. A Trello board is built of cards that can contain a rich set of information that can be dragged into columns and order of columns. It is ideal for meetings (we often use it for planning agendas over the coming months), project management, sorting activities, grouping people in an activity - the list goes on.

Even better if you are a user of our system,, you don't even need to make a new account.

As our users have a login that works for Office 365 and for Google, all they need to do is click on "Log in with Google" and use their usual ID.

So this coming week we're declaring it to be Trello Week - Yasmin has produced some howto videos we'll share over the next few days. We'd be really interested to hear back with ideas and links to useful resources either:

  • leave us a comment in the blog
  • contact us on twitter @star_classroom
  • if you're a member of staff of DRET, post a message on Yammer.

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