Friday, 5 May 2017

Windows 10 Touch Keyboard

Even though we have dedicated keyboards attached to our laptops and desktop PC's, we are finding increasingly that the Windows 10 Touch Keyboard is an incredibly useful tool - even if you don't have anything that is touch-enabled.

Hard-to-find scientific and mathematical symbols, diacritical marks for language teaching, even quickly accessible emojis, are all within reach quickly and easily via the W10 touch keyboard.

To see how to make use of this really useful tool you can click on the thumbnail below to see our training video.

Click the keyboard image to see the video

This training video is just one from our spring collection of training videos: see the rest at (no sign in required) or a much wider selection of training videos is available for DRET staff on the DRET.TV training channel (sign in required)

Do you use the Touch Screen keyboard? How? Comment below and let us know! (comments moderated before publication)

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