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DRET TV has undergone a big upgrade over the Summer - moving from Office 365 Video to Microsoft Stream. Without getting technical, all this means is that DRET TV looks somewhat different than before and has a few new additions. However, the concept is still the same - search, view and share educational, teacher-approved videos securely across the Trust.

So, let’s get down to the important stuff - what’s the same, what’s changed and what’s new?

What’s the same? You can still access DRET TV from the web address “” and our training channel from “” You use the same login details as before - everyone that had access before will have access now You can still search for videos and browse through channels - the majority of the content will be moved over except in some cases where there is little or no usage You can still copy and paste a videos web link to easily share it with others

What’s changed? It has a new look and feel Channel Owners now have more responsibility tha…

So External Hard Drives and Pen Drives are going to be banned...

We've taken the decision to ban external hard drives and pen-drives from all Trust computers and from all of our premises with effect from 1st January 2018. From that date they just won't work when you plug them into one of our computers. This article hopefully points the way for how to continue to work successfully without that trusted friend. This could inconvenience people - people that use them and me*

Every school still has one or two people that carry everything to and from work every day on that external disc they bought four or five years ago - I know of one colleague who has more than ten year's material on there, and another that lost everything when the drive failed and they had no backup. The ban comes from a security review where these devices were identified as one of our highest risks because:

From a data protection point of view, we know people know not to put any kind of personal or confidential data onto one, but there is always the risk of human error.The…

Google Certified Educator

We work with some fantastic teachers doing amazing things in the classroom, and the increase in G Suite for Education usage across our schools has been great to see. 

For staff that are confident G Suite users, we are in the position to be able to offer Google Certified Educator Level 1 exam vouchers that cover the cost of sitting the 3 hour Level 1 Google award.
If you're an educator who knows how to use Google tools in the classroom, this certification proves your proficiency.

If you are a DRET staff member who uses G Suite for Education, we are now accepting expressions of interest for those wanting to sit the Level 1 test.

If you are interested in taking the L1 certification exam via DRET, please click this link and submit the form. 

The closing date for Expressions of Interest is Friday 15th September.

Bobby Moore Academy - Once the Future, Now Very Much the Present

Bobby Moore Academy, the latest school to open in our network, is just having the finishing touches applied prior to opening. In September Year 7 will start their career with us in the primary building, transferring next year to the secondary site as reception join us in what will be an all through school. The setting - right up next to the Olympic stadium in the Queen Elizabeth park is special - goosebump special, but for those of us working in IT and eLearning at the David Ross Education Trust, it is goosebump special for so much more than that.

When we first conceived the IT for the as yet un-named academy several years ago and went through the exhaustive tendering process, we formed a vision for how technology was to work for our schools that was far more ambitious than anything that had been in place before. At that point each school was developing its own IT vision and as a Trust we advised, encouraged and helped. The design for this new school meant we had to properly debate a…

Coming Soon: 2.0

We're sure that some of our staff will want to add videos to their channels for the new term: this is just a short note to say "don't be alarmed" if you find the system looks slightly different.

Over the summer we've had a tidy up and moved the content to a new system called Microsoft Stream. There are a lot of big improvements in the way the system works and we'll be sharing guidance at the end of the holiday.

Midsummer Post

Well it is nearly A Level results week - good luck to everyone who is waiting for exam results (and a thank you to all the people behind the scenes downloading results, preparing information and generally making results days operate so smoothly.

We're busy writing a lot of new material for the blog that will be released over the coming months, and have quite a few new things that we will be talking about in September.

If there is anything you'd like to see on the blog, please let us know (and we are looking for volunteers to write articles - please step forward!)