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Autumn 2017 News

Welcome back from the summer break - we hope you had a restful time and are ready for another academic year. Here are a few of the highlights of the changes for this year.

We never expected the take-up of our video sharing site to be quite so good last year, but we're pleased to announce that we've been able to move everything over to a new system over the summer called Microsoft Stream. It is basically still the same idea, but there some new tools for the people that manage channels and everything is much more slick.

If you ran a channel you should have heard from us with details of how to access and upload material. If you're a viewer, hopefully it will be simple and obvious to use - you'll find the search feature works very well. Head over to to see more (login required). If you aren't a member of staff or student at one of our schools you can dip into a selection of material at

Tips for Teachers

Last year we have several websites and places where you could go to find teaching resources and ideas - including this blog. As the collection grew we realised we needed a place to find everything - which is our Training and Tips website ( All the material there is open to anyone, and includes help videos and ideas.

Learning Resources Library

One of our longer term projects is to gather together all the best teaching material from all of our academies together into one place where any member of staff, or indeed student can access it. So much stuff sits on shared drives in one school, or on a teacher's laptop gathering digital dust. Collation is not as easy as making a website to put everything on of course... but a good selection of material is now available at (again a login is required to view actual material, however as we feature materials on this blog we will make some available at

IT Support

The start of term is a busy time. As a gentle reminder to staff and students at all our academies, please place requests for any kind of IT help to The system will do its best to place your issue with the right technician automagically and we will ensure it gets dealt with promptly.

Coming Soon

  • We've been working on a lot of staff development material and planning this summer which we'll be announcing over the coming weeks. If you'd like a sneak preview you can have a look at
  • Pen Drives and External hard drives will no longer be allowed on our systems from the end of the year, we've prepared support material to help those who still depend on them to make the switch.
  • There's been a lot of "plumbing" happening to get our internet filtering to be less intrusive, more effective and to allow us to spot potential at risk behaviour before it becomes serious. We'll be sharing some articles highlighting how the system works.


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OneNote and Google Drive in Harmony

Many of our staff use OneNote well and happily, as well as being a great place to keep everything for a topic in one place presented visually and annotated (in many ways better than with a specialist interactive board app) it is useful to share what you have had on the big screen with your class with a single link.

Most also use Google Drive as the main place they keep all their files to collaborate, share resources and work on them from anywhere.

When word reached us that Brendan Brannigan from Bringhurst Primary School had combined the two and now works on his OneNote files at home and school using Google Drive we asked to make a guide for colleagues - this video (also available on, login required) is the result.

I must admit, after watching it I had a "why on earth hadn't I thought of this?" moment - there is absolutely nothing wrong with OneDrive which is where OneNote prefers to live, but it is one more thing to worry about.

Now all I have to do is work out…

So External Hard Drives and Pen Drives are going to be banned...

We've taken the decision to ban external hard drives and pen-drives from all Trust computers and from all of our premises with effect from 1st January 2018. From that date they just won't work when you plug them into one of our computers. This article hopefully points the way for how to continue to work successfully without that trusted friend. This could inconvenience people - people that use them and me*

Every school still has one or two people that carry everything to and from work every day on that external disc they bought four or five years ago - I know of one colleague who has more than ten year's material on there, and another that lost everything when the drive failed and they had no backup. The ban comes from a security review where these devices were identified as one of our highest risks because:

From a data protection point of view, we know people know not to put any kind of personal or confidential data onto one, but there is always the risk of human error.The…

Welcome to

It's been a year since I started my role as an eLearning Lead with DRET, and what a year it's been! I've had the opportunity to lead on, and participate in, lots of training sessions, while visiting many classrooms and working with a host of talented teachers. It's incredible how you can show one example of how to use something new in the classroom, and subsequently see it being used and adapted a further dozen ways by different teachers. Throughout the year our team has been keeping notes on some of the best ideas we've come across, and we want to be able to share these ideas with everyone; thus, was born. is essentially a scrapbook of ideas in one website. You can search for particular tools or areas of development you are interested in learning more about, and see how other teachers have used these tools to make a difference in their classrooms. There are also other resources, such as how-to guides, training videos, and useful lin…