Saturday, 2 September 2017

Star Classroom Video

2016-17 was a really busy year - we were fortunate to have the chance to get together with some colleagues at Greenfield's Primary School to look back and pick out some of the key features of the Star Classroom programme and made a short film about it.

Of course if you've found the video on this blog you're in the right place to get much deeper into what Star Classroom is all about - and there is more than we managed to get across in those few minutes.

  • We've made quite a strong statement about what we think is the right good value set up for one of our classrooms, and after a year and more than 150 installations we haven't changed our mind (we have in fact tried a few different approaches but keep coming back to the simple concept of a big touchscreen, a hidden PC and an iPad).
  • Vitally important is the training and professional development network to go with it. Without a doubt that is what is making the greatest difference. The section with the headteacher about two minutes in says it all.

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